My first time….

How can anyone forget their first time? Our first time is always special and we never get it back. We always approach our first time with great enthusiasm, caution or fear, sometimes with mixed emotions. Our hearts usually speed up as that peculiar moment draws near. It always meets preparations to do things right and to enjoy them to the fullest. Nevertheless, we are many times never ready and ill prepared because we weren’t always too sure what to expect the first time.

We all remember the first crush we had and the first kiss. The first flight we took. The first toy we loved. The first real job we ever had.  The first time we mounted a Ferris wheel or went to the circus. The first time we fell in love and got our hearts broken. She remembers her first period and her first baby and of course he remembers his first time. 🙂

Those moments are eternally cherished or regretted simply because we never get back the first. Unfortunately, not even by tapping our shoes or closing tight our eyes and wishing on a star.

For me this is my first blog and my first time publicly writing for masses to read. I am afraid. I am nervous. I am worried you won’t like me or my writings. I am terrified that my leap of faith fails but regardless I still need my first time. Without it, there is no second, third, fourth or fifth and no one millionth or improvement either. So I must do this and make the best of it.

I will share my thoughts and write on things seen daily from my own eyes. I wish to conquer that first fear that prevented me from doing this the first time the idea appeared.

Now today, try something you always thought of doing but really never did, there is a first time for everything!


From Nico’s eyes

Photo by Joel Overbeck on Unsplash


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