This Dump….

On my way to work this morning I met upon smoke.  Has it ever been this bad before?  New Kingston  is completely overcast.

My head hurts. My eyes burn. I can’t ever remember it being this bad before.  If it affects us so badly imagine those who live in it’s vicinity. The children and the elderly.

I am at work and I am afraid to step out of my office.  My office windows are clogged up and as far as my eyes can see it’s just pure smoke. Right now as I write this post,  I am seeing only smoke.

I am fretting because I do not know how I am going to purchase lunch,  all because of this dump.

Poor management or one man’s carelessness,  I don’t care my immediate problems are because of this dump.  We need more efficient waste management facilities and practices.

I don’t know much about the issues surrounding this current crisis and  I don’t know much about waste management but the source is the dump!

When in 10 years 60% or more of our population suffers from respiratory illnesses we can then say the source was the dump. When we no longer produce star athletes because they aren’t fit to run,  the source would have been the dump.

We cant spend our time and resources putting out fires.  Fix the dump.  Our problems now and our potential problems later will be because of the dump!

I am making this post now,  all because of the dump.

Smoke here,  smoke there,  all because of this dump!

From Nico’s Eyes


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