Way to hell…

She is 17. She has reached the age now when it is common to be wayward. She wants a boyfriend, she wants a tattoo and she wants a piercing on her cave of wonders. She listens to her friends while blocking out her parents. She is having fun, SOLO for ‘She Only Lives once’ but she is on her way to hell.

Her grandmother cries secret tears and prays secret prayers but she doesn’t really care. She leaves the house when she wants to and doesn’t seek permission. She sleeps out at will to meet with Kevin, Troy and bill. But she is on her way to hell.

She leaves for school and thinks it is cool to spend the day at his house for his birthday but still wonders why she doesn’t have good grades. She doesn’t stop to think that he should prefer her in school if he really loves her. She is spoken to and measures are put in place but she still feels she has to see him. She crosses deserts and rivers to see him. She lies to see him and hides to see him and doesn’t know that she is on her way to hell.

Hell is when he leaves you and your heart is broken. Hell is when you are with children and he disowns them. Hell is you having a child that you cannot feed. Hell is when you are 30 and you have no degree with low self esteem. Hell is when you are forced to exchange your cave of wonders for legal tender. Hell is when you remember all the warnings you rejected and scoffed at. Hell is when you get AIDS or an STD and you can’t tell.

So young wayward girl… slow down… stop and run from your hell. Repent!


From Nico’s Eyes

Readers what do you think any opinions on this?


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