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784_4c572139de5ec5bThere is nothing worse than bad SEX. Someone told me once that bad SEX is better than no SEX. I am not sure I agree. Socrates is famously quoted when he said “The unexamined life is not worth living”. The SEX that I’m referring to is Self-Examination.

An “examined life” refers to “examining your own life” honestly, curiously and constantly to make assessments and discoveries which then lead to important decisions and actions.

We unfortunately don’t usually get pass honesty. I’ve observed people (students, friends or colleagues) who constantly lie to themselves and to others about who they truly are; what they like or don’t like, what they can or cannot do.

We tend to dim our lights and our uniqueness to let other shine. We chose to be the moon and not the sun. Living our very short lives as reflections of those around us. We force ourselves into the status quo and uniformity afraid to break rank and the person who does it becomes an outcast. We become social chameleons changing colour at will.


The next time you’re in a club and you hear that particular song that you like so much; ask yourself if you really like this music or is it because your friends like it? The next time you go into a clothes store and you pick up that sexy pair of jeans; do a Self-EXamination to make sure you are not just trying to fit in. These examples are so real to me, because I have lived both of them. So innate it is for us to belong and to feel part of something that we seldom look inward. We tend to examine our friends’ tastes and then make ourselves into their image but this can be tiring and you know it. So please Vive la différence  and Live your best Life .


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